Urban engineering

Roadways, Connectors and Roundabouts
Logistical Platforms
Urban Infraestructure
Mobility and Accesibility

Architecture and Urban Design

Industrial and Logistical Warehouses
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Reparations and Reforms
Urban Development

Integral Project Management

Site management, Control and Surveillance
Environmental Monitoring of Works
Health and Safety Coordination
Project Management (DIP)
Delegated and Turnkey promotion

Landscape and Green Spaces

Park and Garden Design
Landscape Restoration
Forest Park Recuperation
Recreational and Tourist Areas
Urban Vegetable Gardens

Water and Environment

Irrigation supplies and networks
Wastewater and rainwater management
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)
Hydrological, Hydraulic and Floodplain Studies
Environmental Impact Assessments


Bids for Construction and Service Tenders
Bids for SUW and Street Cleaning Tenders
Works and Services Audits
Evaluations and Appraisals of Boundaries
Inventories and GIS